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GC Flexceed Putty + Light Body Kit

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GC Flexceed Putty

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GC Flexceed Light Body refill

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GC Flexceed is a vinylpolysiloxane (addition silicone) impression material used for making accurate dental impressions with excellent reproducibility. It is available in Putty and light body consistencies to aid dentists make perfect impressions for fabrication of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. GC Flexceed accurately replicates the highest level of detail required for crown and bridge restorations. It helps make predictable impressions under all conditions. GC Flexceed is more hydrophilic and has excellent tear strength. In addition to capturing critical intricate details it also displaces moisture and resists deformation. The hydrophilicity of the material is also attributed to the low contact angle. It exhibits pseudo-plastic properties to enhance precision. Excellent wetting characteristics of the material ensure a hard gypsum cast with a smooth surface. GC Flexceed impression material exhibits good dimensional stability, that allows pouring of multiple casts up to two weeks. It also has superior tear strength properties in comparison with other VPS materials. The resistance to tear in the subgingival and interproximal areas is significant as they are thin and are susceptible to tear. As measured by the ‘Shark Fin Test’ GC Flexceed exhibits the highest ‘fin’ when compared to other VPS impression materials. This vindicates its excellent reproduction of detail and flow characteristics.




#. Better reproduction detail with two viscosities (Putty & Light Body)

#. Exhibits pseudo-plastic properties for precision which is not found in alginates

#. Superior tear strength than any other VPS material

#. Better dimensional stability – multiple models can be poured up to two weeks

#. Good hydrophilicity

#. Compatible with gypsum products

#. Superior wetting characteristics ensuring gypsum working cast is hard with smooth surface

#. Can be subjected to cold sterilization without compromising the details and dimensional stability of the impression


Mixing Time 20 sec
Total Working Time 2 min 1 min
Minimum time in Mouth 3 min 3 min
Elastic recovery More than equals 98% More than equals 98%
Strain in Compression 2.5-3.5 % 1-2%
Linear dimensional change Less than or equals to 0.20% Less than or equals to 0.20%
Detail Reproduction 20 μm 75 μm
Compatibility with Gypsum 20 μm 75 μm

KEY Specifications

Precautions to be taken:

Care should be taken while extruding or mixing GC Flexceed, to avoid contact with the following materials. (catalyst for C Silicone Impression materials, Polysulfide impression materials, eugenol materials, sulphur, latex, oil, acrylates, glycerol and local anaesthesia- spray tube or ointment type.)
Use plastic or polyethylene gloves while kneading the putty material. Do not use latex gloves.
Do not interchange the caps or measuring spoons of the containers.


Store at normal room temperature (15 – 25oC) and avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture.

Directions To USE

I. Single step putty wash impression


Take equal quantities of FLEXCEED base & catalyst using the prescribed scoop


Knead the FLEXCEED base & catalyst until a uniform blue color is achieved


Load the FLEXCEED putty mix on the tray


Inject the FLEXCEED light body onto the putty mix making sure that the nozzle remains immersed to prevent air entrapment


Using the intra-oral tips, inject the FLEXCEED light body directly around the prepared tooth


Final impression is easy to read due to the contrasting colour of FLEXCEED

II. Impression for complete denture


Apply GC tray adhesive


Bourder moulding using FLEXCEED putty


FLEXCEED light body is loaded onto the individual tray


Completed upper impression

Double step putty wash impression

STEP 1: Prepared tooth for crown

STEP 2: After applying GC tray adhesive, FLEXCEED putty Putty impression is taken is loaded on the stock tray

STEP 3: Putty impression is taken

STEP 4: Using the putty cutter, create a space for the light body

STEP 5: Inject the FLEXCEED light body around the prepared tooth, then immediately re-seat the putty tray impression

STEP 6: Final impression using FLEXCEED

Dual Arch impression


FLEXCEED putty is loaded onto a dual arch tray


FLEXCEED Light Body is injected over the putty Final impression. then impression is taken


#. GC Flexceed Putty :

1 X (500G) 278ML Base

1 X (500G) 278ML Catalyst

#. GC Flexceed Putty + Light Body Kit:

1 X (500G) 278ML Base

1 X (500G) 278ML Catalyst

2 X 50ML Light Body

8 Mixing Tips

#. GC Flexceed Light Body :

2 X 78GM (50ML) Cartridge

#. GC Flexceed Putty + Light Body Kit (Mini Kit)

1 X 300GM (167ML) Base

1 X 300GM (167ML) Catalyst

1 X 78GM (50ML) Cartridge

1 X Measuring Scoop Base

1 X Measuring Scoop Catalyst

4 X Mixing Tips

4 x Intraoral Tips