Zhermack Tropicalgin Alginate | Impression Material

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Tropicalgin by Zhermack is an alginate impression material indicated to make high quality precision impressions to make study or working dental models. Zhermack offers a wide range of high quality Alginate impression materials, engineered to meet each professional’s specific requirements. The property of a gel substance to exhibit fluid characteristics upon manipulation and to return to a semisolid state is high in all Zhermack’s Alginates. What sets Tropicalgin apart from the other Zhermack Alginates is its color changing property according to the different preparation phases and the pleasant mango flavor which is much suitable for use in pedodontics. Its fast setting property is another reason that makes it a high quality impression material.


· Easy Mixing
· Long Impression Storage
· Quick water absorption
· Homogenous, smooth and compact surface
· 5 years Shelf Life
· Faster working and setting tim




Three-phase chromatic alginate:
Red phase: mixing time
Light orange phase: working time
Yellow phase: time in mouth
Fast working and setting time
Mango flavour
Dust free


For removable prosthesis,
To make study models,
Antagonists in fixed and removable prosthesis

KEY Specifications

Mixing Time
45 seconds
Max. Working Time
1 minute 35 seconds
Time in Mouth
60 seconds
Total time to set
2 minutes 35 seconds
Elastic Recovery (ISO 1563)
Permanent Deformation (ISO 1563)

Directions To USE

Dosing and Mixing:

Pour the content in the bag into an airtight container. The container has to be stored in a temperature of 5-27 degree C/ 41-80 degree F.
Using the dosing spoon scoop out the powder into a rubber cup without compressing, level it off by passing a flat spatula over the top of the spoon.
Repeat the process until you have the required quantity.
Masure out 1/3rd of water (18ml) for every spoonful of powder (9g).
Add the water and mix it according to the time specified in the table below.
Spread the material on the impression tray and insert into the mouth before the end of the working time.
Wait till the end of the time in mouth for the material to harden. Since Tropicalgin is chromatic, it is easier to identify the complete working phases.
Zhermack recommends ALGHAMIX II for the best homogenous and bubble free mixing of the material.

Working time – 1m 35s

Setting time – 2m 35s


Soon after taking the impression, rinse it off carefully to remove any traces of saliva. Drain off the excess water and disinfect immediately. Immerse the impression into a disinfectant solution. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the disinfectants. Pour the impression immediately using dental stones and in case if it is not immediately poured, store the impression in a sealed bag at room temperature.


1 X 453GM Tropicalgin Alginate Powder