GC Soft Liner Denture Relining Material

Denture Relining Material

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Gc Soft Liner Denture Relining Material
Acrylic temporary relining material for the temporary rebasing (relining) of acrylic dentures & tissue conditioning



FeaturesFast Application No heat irritation Easy to Trim Good retention Smooth surface minimises unwanted food debris retention Simple to remove from the denture at the end of the treatment

INDICATIONS: For the temporary rebasing (relining) of acrylic dentures Tissue conditioning

Directions To USE

PREPARATION Clean the contact surface thoroughly using pumice and water and abrade the area to be relined. MIXING The standard powder/liquid ratio is 2.2 g/1.8 g, (first graduation on powder measure to 4 graduations of the liquid syringe). Note Consistency may be varied by changing powder/ liquid ratio. Measure into the glass jar and mix for 30-60 seconds. RELINING Coat the mixture onto the denture as evenly as possible. Insert the denture in the mouth, muscle trim and retain it in the centric occlusal position for 4-5 minutes. Remove and inspect for defects. Dip the denture into cold water, and trim away excess at the periphery with a heated sharp instrument.


1 x 100g powder 1 x 100g Liquid


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