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Prime Dental Algin Gum Alginate Powder – 500 g

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Prime Dental Algin Gum Alginate Powder – 1125 g 

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Algingum Alginate Powder is a high precision alginate impression material used to make precision dental impressions. Algingum  Alginate Powder is a dust free alginate, with normal setting time. It exhibits fast absorption of water and enhances the ease of mix. The final mix of the impression material is a homogenous mass with smooth and compact surfaces. The impression can be stored for a long time before pouring the casts.
Its high precision makes it the ideal choice for dentists specialized in removable prostheses. The extended working time (2 minutes) gives the dentist the possibility to operate in a more precise manner and with greater peace of mind.

Prime Detal


#. Dust Free Alginate
#. Mint Aroma
#. Precise Impression
#. Economical.
#. Pista green colour with mint aroma.

Directions To USE

Powder | Water
2 scoops | 1 measure
18 gm | 36 ml

Stage | Total Timing*
Start of mix | 0 sec
End of the mix | 40 secs
Load of tray | 60 secs
Tray in mouth | 60 secs
Final set | 2 mins-Total

* All timings are recorded from the start of mix.
1. Water & room temperature at 25 degree C.
2. Heat would enhance setting while cold would retard setting.


Algin Gum Alginate Powder - 1 X 500G

Algin Gum Alginate Powder - 1 X 1125G