Zhermack Zetaplus Indurent Catalyst Gel | 1 Tube 60ML

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Zhermack Zetaplus Indurent Catalyst gel for C-Silicone impression material. It is specifically developed for clinical applications and intraoral use. It is biocompatible also on damaged mucosa.

For use with the following products:

  • Zetalabor Putty
  • Thixoflex M
  • Ranwash L
  • Oranwash VL
  • Zetaplus Soft



#. Red colored gel for homogeneous mixing control.

#. It is the single catalyst gel for all Zhermack clinical C-Silicones(zetaplus system)

#. Used with the putty and Oranwash VL, Oranwash L and Thixoflex M on the mixing pad.

#. Gel catalyst for C-Silicones

#. Versatile and easily dispensable


1 Tube X 60ML