WIZDENT Wizdent Master Design A2 Shade | Composite Syringes

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WIZDENT Wizdent Master Design, A visible light cured, radiopaque, intelligent adaptive composite with a unique “Flow on Demand” feature that ensures easy adaptation and a precise stackable placement.

This unique composite exhibits a stackable viscosity under static conditions and can adapt itself to flow (become thin, less viscous) under pressure from the syringe plunger. This allows the clinicians to recreate the tooth anatomy through “Free Hand Characterization” thereby evolving the concept of Instrument Free Adaptive Design. ” Its advanced filler technology allows higher light refraction resulting in an excellent aesthetic blending with adjacent teeth. It is available in 10 shades and 3 opacities and releases fluoride that prevents plaque build-up and secondary caries.




#. Easy “FREE HAND CHARACTERIZATION” with minimum need of instrumentation saves time and effort.

#. Precise non-slumping consistency ensures that the material retains the shape and anatomy after application.

#. Offers a wide range of applications for a variety of indications and offers superior shade match and shade stability with gloss retention for highly aesthetic restorations.

#. Outstanding strength and wear resistance to restore form and function of anterior and posterior teeth.


#. Direct Class I, II, III, IV and restorations

#. Characterisation in Anterior aesthetic procedures, e.g. Mamelon creation, Recreation of incisal translucency

#. Diastema closure and Occlusal anatomy recreation

#. Reconstruction of marginal ridges of Class II restorations

#. Class IV palatal wall reconstruction and Proximal line angle adaptation

#. Sealing hypersensitive areas and Blocking undercuts

#. Splinting mobile teeth


#. 1 X 3G Syringe

#. 5 Applicator Tips