Prevest Crysta II Restorative | Aesthetic Fine Particle Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

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Crysta Restorative is a radiopaque, self cure Glass Ionomer Cement for restoration of primary teeth, core build up and restoration of class III, V and limited class I cavities.
It results in restorations with high surface hardness and durability. Its Optimized translucency and improved physical properties provides best aesthetic results. It is available in powder-liquid formulation


Prevest DenPro


#. Strong adhesion to enamel and dentin.

#. High compressive strength.

#. Radiopaque.

#. Fine particles - excellent aesthetics and polishability.

#. No etching and bonding required.

KEY Specifications


Powder: Fluoro Alumina Silicate Glass.

Liquid: Polyacrylic Acid Liquid Normal Viscosity.

Directions To USE

Shake the powder bottle well every time before use.
Dispense one scoop of powder and two drops of liquid on the mixing pad (the standard powder to liquid ratio is 0.19:0.07).
With a plastic spatula, divide the powder into 2 equal parts.
Mix the first portion with all of the liquid for 15 seconds. Mix the remaining portion with the paste formed for 20 seconds.
The total mixing time should be about 35 seconds
Transfer cement to the prepared tooth surface using a suitable placement instrument and finish the restoration. Allow 1:30 to 2:30 (min:sec) for proper setting.


1 X Powder Jar 15G

1 X Liquid Bottle 10ML

1 X Mixing Pad

1 X Spoon

1 x Manual