Prime Dental Templute Temporary Crown & Bridge | Temporary Luting Cement

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Prime Dental Templute Temporary Luting Cement

Introducing Templute, the eugenol-free temporary luting cement designed for seamless dental applications. This user-friendly cement is crafted for easy handling, ensuring convenience in temporary cementation of crowns, bridges, and permanent inlays. Additionally, it can be applied above medicinal materials in cavities without compromising composite filling or luting agent setting. Templute stands out for its non-retardant properties, ensuring it neither hinders the setting process of composite fillings nor affects bonding materials. Elevate your dental procedures with this versatile and efficient temporary luting cement, prioritizing both ease of use and compatibility with contemporary dental materials for optimal patient outcomes.


Prime Detal


#. Crown & Bridge Application: Specifically designed for temporary luting of crowns and bridges, providing a reliable solution for temporary dental restorations.

#. Two Paste System: The dual-paste system ensures precise and controlled application, facilitating an accurate and efficient temporary cementation process.

#. Eugenol-Free Formula: The absence of eugenol makes Templute a safe and comfortable option for patients, reducing the risk of potential allergic reactions.

#. Non-Retardant: Will not impede or delay the setting process of any bonding agent, ensuring compatibility with a variety of dental materials for comprehensive treatment.

#. Easy Removal: Enables easy and convenient removal of crowns and bridges, promoting a hassle-free and patient-friendly experience during subsequent procedures.

KEY Specifications

#. Eugenol free temporary luting cement Easy to work with

#. Used for temporary cementation


1 X 50g Base
1 X 15g Catalyst