Prevest Fusion Universal Composite Kit | Light Cured Universal Nano Hybrid Composite

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It is a visible light cured, radiopaque highly filled, nano filled hybrid composite restorative material for all cavity classes of anterior and posterior teeth.
Correction of shade and shade for better aesthetics
Direct Restoration of all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth
Core build-up & Composite inlays
Preventive polymerization and repairs of composite ceramic veneers


Prevest DenPro


Extremely high abrasion resistance
Higher filler contents
Excellent physical properties for long lasting restorations
Lower polymerization shrinkage than conventional composites


7 X 4g syringes (A1.A2. A3.A3.5. B1. B2. B3)
1 x 5ml Bottle Fusion Bond 5
1 x 2 ml syringe Actino Etchant Gel
10 x Micro Brushes
10 x Applicators Tips
Instruction Manual