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Cavity Liner

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Amalgam Liner :

Ready-to-use varnish with silver to insulate dentine


Dentine sealing under amalgam fillings
Sealing of cements before applying amalgam
Sealing of amalgam fillings immediately after application
Precautions: –

Close the bottle of Amalgam Liner tightly immediately after use and store in the dark at room temperature (4 °C – 23 °C).
Fresh stains of Amalgam Liner can be removed with Solvent (first test the resistance of the material), or with agents to remove developers/fixers (x-ray chemicals).
Amalgam Liner should always have an optimum consistency. Thickened material can be thinned with some drops of Solvent until the correct consistency is reached (compare with a new bottle).
Cotton wool leaves threads in the cavity and is not suited to apply Amalgam Liner.
Amalgam Liner contains ethyl acetate, silver, sodium fluoride, calcium fluoride, cellulose ester, eugenol. Amalgam Liner should not be used in case of known hypersensitivities (allergies) to any of these ingredients.
Solvent is flammable. Do not use Amalgam Liner or Solvent in the proximity of flames
Amalgam Liner is not suited for restorative materials other than amalgam, nor for use in the anterior area.



FeaturesEffective protection of the pulp Insulation against chemical and bacterial influences Reduces the risk of leakage and secondary caries Binds excess mercury
KEY Specifications

Store at temperatures of 4 °C to 23 °C

Directions To USE

Prepare cavity for filling with amalgam, clean and thoroughly dry it. Use a lining or pulp protection in deep cavities and in the proximity of the pulp. To shake the bottle of Amalgam Liner, take it between the thumb and the index finger; the silver must be well dispersed in the solution. Once the steel balls are moving freely, shake less vigorously. Dispense Amalgam Liner drop by drop onto a disposable brush or foam pellet and touch all dentine surfaces and linings of the dried cavity up to the rim. Carefully dry the varnish with the air-jet (ca. 30 s) and then place the amalgam filling. To prevent any impact of saliva and reduce mercury release during the setting phase, the surface of a fresh amalgam filling can then additionally be sealed with Amalgam Liner


1 x Amalgam Liner Set