GC Fuji Gold Label 9 Extra-Big Pack | Posterior Restorative GIC

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A high strength strontium-based glass ionomer restorative providing all the properties of genuine glass ionomers with physical properties strong enough for use in posterior teeth.


Minimal cavity preparation
Internal remineralization is promoted
Surface strengthening properties
Good colour match to the shade of the tooth
Protection against secondary caries
Lesser stress on the margins and marginal seal
Durable and long lasting restorations
Easy manipulation and handling

Class I and small Class II restorations in non-load bearing areas
Class I and Class II fillings in primary teeth
Transitional restorations
Core Build-up




High strength posterior restorative
Bonds chemically to the tooth
High fluoride release
Low moisture sensitivity
Excellent physical properties
Range of VITA Shades – A2, A3, A3.5 and B2
Good radiopacity
Low solubility
Long term clinical data

KEY Specifications



Mixing time

30 seconds

Working time

20 minutes

Finishing (from start of mix)

6 minutes

Mixing conditions at 23oC. Higher temperatures will shorten the working time

Directions To USE


The prepared cavity is conditioned using the GC Dentin Conditioner containing 10% polyacrylic acid.
Mix and place the restorative material in the prepared cavity.
When the glossy appearance begins to disappear, apply GC Cocoa Butter for moisture protection.
Final finishing can begin after 6 minutes from start of mix.


1 X 15G Powder
1 X 8G (6.4ML) Liquid