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VOCO Admira Protect Bottle 4.5ml

sold out Rs.6,000.00 Rs.7,128.00


Admira Protect:

Light-curing Ormocer-based desensitiser


Treatment of hypersensitive dentine (dentine hypersensitivity)
Treatment of cervical areas and crown margins
Treatment of cervical areas after professional cleaning and calculus removal



FeaturesPermanent elimination of hypersensitivity Reliable adhesion Biocompatible Special filler technology for high abrasion proofness Fluoride release
KEY Specifications

Close Admira Protect bottle tightly afteruse. Store at temperatures of 4°C - 23°C (storage at 5°C - 8°C prolongs the shelflife of the preparation). Do not expose Admira Protect to direct sunlight or the chairlight.

Directions To USE

Preparation Clean teeth to be treated with fluoride-free cleaning paste or pumice on a rubber cup or rotating brush. Isolate areas to be treated with cotton rolls. Remove excess moisture with an oil-free airjet. Do not overdry dentine. The dentine surface should be slightly moist. After cleaning, avoid any contamination with blood or saliva. Dispensing When using the bottle: Dispense Admira Protect onto a Micro Tim or a disposable brush. Alternatively, dispense Admira Protect onto a mixing pallet. When using the SingleDose: Detach a SingleDose at the perforated line and turn the printed side upwards. Break through the foil with Micro Tim, enlarge the gap and moisten the brush with liquid through circular motion. Application Apply Admira Protect with Micro Tim or a disposable brush evenly on all dentine surfaces to be treated and allow to act for 20 s. Then disperse Admira Protect with a faint airjet and lightcure with a conventional polymerisation device for 10s.The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cm2 on halogen polymerisation devices and 300 mW/cm2 on LED devices. Applyasecondlayer of Admira Protect, disperse it with a faint airjet and light-cure for 10 s. Removal of the inhibition layer Remove the oxygen-inhibited layer (soft surface) with a cotton pellet or a cotton roll. Check the gingival margins and, if necessary, remove any residual material


1 x 4.5ml Bottle