VITA Easyshade Advance 5

Easyshade – The 4th Generation Electronic Shade-recording device

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VITA Easyshade V is a digital shade measurement device for determining the shade of natural dentition, bleached teeth and ceramic restorations precisely, quickly and independently of the ambient environment. VITA Easyshade V supports dentists and dental technicians with everything from tooth shade determination and communication, to reproduction and checking the shade of the fi nished ceramic dental restoration, improving process reliability.

The VITA Easyshade V digital spectrophotometer was developed for precise, fast and reliable shade determination of natural teeth and ceramic restorations.

Precise and reproducible tooth shade determination in seconds, thanks to the latest measuring technology
Objective and reliable measurements, due to the LED technology that is unaffected by ambient conditions
Reliable and economical, thanks to precise tooth shade informationin VITA the shade standards for reliable shade reproduction and reduced shade corrections
Simple and intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen and software
Efficient, digital communication for exchanging information about tooth shade and images between the dental practice and the laboratory
VITA Easyshade V offers dental practices and laboratories effi cient and reliable support with: • optimum selection of suitable composites for direct restorations, CAD/CAM and veneering materials and prosthetic teeth • professional planning and documentation of bleaching treatments • manufacturing of layered ceramic restorations, thanks to display of shade gradients and deviations • quality testing of layered ceramic restorations with regard to a target tooth shade • smooth communication between practice and laboratory, thanks to professional communication tools

With VITA Easyshade V, you can standardize your tooth shade determination and communication processes. VITA Easyshade V assists throughout the entire process chain of patient tooth shade determination – from combining shade information with a digital patient photo, to evaluation and use of the data in the fabrication of highly-esthetic restorations, to quality control of the target shade in the practice. Thanks to the VITA vBrain neural network all the information received is intelligently evaluated and provided in the familiar tooth shade systems VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER. Greater performance, higher precision, more applications, more software – VITA Easyshade V is VITA’s state-of-the-art digital toothshade determination and communication device.


VITA mobileAssist

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VITA Assist supports you actively in the selection of appropriate CAD/CAM materials, in layering of ceramic restorations, and in the fabrication of complex restoration solutions for even the most complicated of cases. In this respect, you benefi t from features such as:

Wireless transmission of the VITA Easyshade data
Professional graphics postprocessing of the patient photos for optimum documentation
Integration option for digital X-ray images, detailed photos and contour images
Versatile comment functions
Active support functions for the selection of the most appropriate materials for each specifi c patient case



FeaturesPrecision optics thanks to VITA vEye Brilliant color OLED touchscreen display Long-life battery technology Intelligent VITA vBrain neural network Revolutionary software concept with user-oriented operating interface Innovative communication via the VITA mobileAssist app Seamless design for maximum hygiene
KEY Specifications

Technical Specifications: Spectrophotometer, measurement range 400 - 700 nm Inductive charging concept with long-life AA batteries Output of all tooth shades in the established standard shade systems VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, as well as indication of the VITABLOCS shades and bleached index, in accordance with the American Dental Association Display of lab and LCh values Bluetooth interface for wireless communication with the VITA Assist PC software and VITA mobileAssist app Spectrophotometer with a measurement range of 400 - 700 nm Basic shade measurement, average measurement and tooth area measurement Measurement results in the worldwide established standard shade systems VITA classical A1-D4, VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITABLOCS shades, as well as the indication of shades of bleached teeth in accordance with the American Dental Association standard Display of Lab and LCh values Bluetooth interface for wireless communication with the VITA Assist PC software and VITA mobileAssist app Ergonomic, seamless design for maximum hygiene Intuitive operating concept and brilliant color touch display Inductive charging station with long-life AA batteries


1 x Vita Easyshade Advance 5 2 Sets of Disposable Protective Shield Instructional Manual