Zhermack Hydrogum Alginate – 500G

Alginate Impression Material

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Hydrogum is particularly elastic and resistant.
The wide range of Zhermack alginates has been conceived to meet the needs of dental practice
Hydrogum: High consistency alginate for study models. Flavour: Mint
Hydrogum soft: Creamy consistency alginate, does not compress tissue, especially suitable for preliminary edentulous jaw impressions. Flavour: Mint
Orthoprint: Extra elastic, fast working alginate which is suitable for general practice. Its exceptional elastic properties make it suitable for use in orthodontics. Flavour: Vanilla. Neocolloid: alginate for high precision impressions with normal setting times. Flavour: Chlorophyll
Phase plus: Chromatic alginate with a creamy consistency. Colour variations accompany each different preparation phase: violet during mixing, pink during working phase and positioning on the tray, white during the time in mouth while setting. Suitable in general clinical practice for the creation of study models. Flavour: Mint
Tropicalgin: High consistency chromatic alginate. Colour variations accompany each different preparation phase: red during mixing, orange during the work phase and positioning on the tray, yellow during the time in mouth while setting. Suitable in general clinical practice. The colour change associated with a pleasant flavour make it especially suitable for use in pedodontics. Flavour: Mango



FeaturesCharacteristics Fast working and setting times Thixotropy Can be mixed with Hurrimix² or Alghamix II Advantages Easy mixing Homogeneous mass, smooth, compact surfaces All purposes
KEY Specifications

Product Distinctive Type of Working Time in Setting Scent Strain in Elastic Compressive characteristics setting time* mouth* time* compression recovery strenght (min:s) (min:s) (min:s) Hydrogum 5 High stability Extra Fast 1:05 0:45 1:50 Mangosteen 13.00% 98% 1.2 MPa Neocolloid High precision Normal 2:00 1:30 3:30 Herbal 10.30% 99% 1.1 MPa Hydrogum Elastic Fast 1:10 1:00 2:10 Mint 11.70% 98% 1.2 MPa Hydrogum Soft Extra elastic Fast 1:10 1:00 2:10 Mint 11.90% 98% 1.0 MPa Tropicalgin User-friendly & Exotic Fast

Directions To USE

Open the bag and pour the alginate into an airtight container Keep the lot number and expiry date of the product by cutting the relevant details off the bag. Shake 2 or 3 times to disperse the powder then proceed with the mixing. Using the dosing spoon, remove the powder without compressing it, levelling off or removing any excess alginate by passing a flat spatula over the top of the spoon Pour the powder into a rubber cup. Repeat the operation until the required quantity is reached. Add 1/3 of a measure of water (18 ml) for every spoonful of powder (9 g). E.g. for 2 measures of powder (18 g), or one impression tray, add 2/3 of a measure of water (36 ml) Close the container and store it at 5-27°C/41-80°F Add the water to the powder and mix for the times specified in the table Spread the material over the impression tray and insert into the mouth before the end of the working time Wait for the material to harden until the end of the recommended time in mouth. In the case of coloured alginates, working time is easily recognised by the colour changes described previously For the best possible (homogeneous and bubble-free) mixing results, we recommend the use of ALGHAMIX


1 Pack of 500G