Zhermack Neocolloid Alginate – 500G

Dust-free Alginate

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Neocolloid by Zhermack is a high precision alginate impression material used to make precision dental impressions. Neocolloid is a dust free alginate, with normal setting time. It exhibits fast absorption of water and enhances the ease of mix. The final mix of the impression material is a homogenous mass with smooth and compact surfaces. The impression can be stored for a long time before pouring the casts. This is a hi-flow alginate which is injectable. Neocolloid has simple and fast mixing properties with a normal setting. Neocolloid exhibits excellent thixotropic properties. The herbal flavour increases patient comfort while making the impressions.



BenefitsFast water absorption Easy mixing Long storage of impressions Homogenous mass Smooth and compact surfaces of impression 5-year shelf life
FeaturesHigh precision alginate Normal setting Injectable Dust free Herbal flavour Orange colour
Directions To USE

Mixing Time - 45 seconds Setting time - 1 minute 30 seconds Zhermack recommends using: Algitray: Special neutral pH cleansing agent for alginates Alghamix II guarantees a uniform, bubble-free mix Hurrimix: automatic mixer for alginates and stones


Zhermack Neocolloid - 1 X 500G