NINETEN NT Apxseal | Root Canal Sealer | Calcium Hydroxide-based Polymeric Root Canal Sealing Material

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Calcium hydroxide-based polymeric root canal sealing material specially formulated for fulfilment of all basic needs of sealing canals in Endodontics.

It exhibits very low or no solubility after setting and because of that, it reduces the risk of leaking of canals. Also during setting at normal temperature, it exhibits minimal shrinkage. It is nondegradable, insoluble in water, and does not require Eugenol for setting.

NT Apxseal is radio-opaque with noticeable radioopacity on x-rays.




For Final Sealing of canal with or without Gutta Purcha points.

#. Mixing Time- 2 Minute

#. Initial Setting Time -60 Minutes,

#. Final Setting Time- 12-16 Hours


NT Apxseal is supplied in a Two-Paste Form.

1 X Base 15G Tube

1 X Catalyst 15G Tube