Prime Dental RC Cal 2GM | Calcium Hydroxide Paste

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RC Cal is a formulation of calcium hydroxide & barium sulphate in ready to use paste form. It is a highly alkaline radiopaque water soluble paste which could be easily cleaned and removed from canal whenever required.


Prime Detal


Ready to use paste for intra canal temporary filling.
Radio opaque Ca (OH)2.
Contains barium sulphate.
Highly alkaline.
Can be easily removed by reamers.
Non drying paste

Directions To USE

After preparation of root canal, cleaning and drying, push the paste into the canal while gradually withdrawing needle from the canal ( give gentle pressure on plunger)
Remove excess with cotton swab and seal off with cement
As Calcium Hydroxide is a resorbable material if any periapical extrusion has happened the same should not give any problem
While removing R C Cal from canal, use K FILE with few drops of water.


1 x 2G Syringe
5 x Application Needles