Prime Dental Dent Dry | Degreasing Agent

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Dent dry is a liquid formulation ideally suitable for degreasing and drying of dentin. Dent dry can be used before any filling material. Root canal sealants and dentin bonds may not flow properly in presence of excess moisture and even traces of oil/grease, Dent dry is highly useful in such situation. It is stored in cool dark place and kept away from direct flame.


Prime Detal


#. Dentin drying and cleansing agent

#. For having moist dentin surface

#. Used before bonding of dentin

#. Used before root canal sealant

Directions To USE

With help of cotton pellets soak DENT DRY dentin surface, which is to be dried and degreased. Wait for few seconds till applied liquid evaporates than continue with work. Complete evaporation of the applied liquid is very important before any filling material are applied. DENT DRY shall remove excess moisture but shall not desiccate the dentin surface.
Do not mix with water or other liquid before using. Close Cap of the bottle tightly. Keep away from open flame.


1 X 30Ml Bottle