Septodont Endosolv | Easy Removal of Zinc Oxide/Eugenol Cement

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Septodont Endosolv is a specialized solvent designed for endodontic retreatment procedures. It is formulated to effectively soften and dissolve conventional zinc oxide eugenol cement and phenolic resin-type sealers, facilitating their easy removal from the root canal system. Endosolv offers a high softening potency, allowing for the efficient dissolution of the targeted materials. This reduces the reliance on aggressive mechanical instrumentation, minimizing the risks associated with power-driven instruments during retreatment. To use Endosolv, the operative field should be completely isolated, preferably using a rubber dam. After mechanically cleaning the pulp chamber and canal entrances, the solvent is applied. Instruments used for clearing the canals are dipped in the solvent, ensuring thorough dissolution and softening of the cement or sealer. By using Endosolv, the endodontic retreatment process becomes more streamlined and time-efficient. It enables thorough cleaning, disinfection, shaping, and obturation of the root canal system, leading to improved treatment outcomes.




Helps to remove zinc-oxide eugenol-based root canal sealers.
High softening potency for a time saving and efficient desobturation.
Reduces risks associated with use of power driven instruments during mechanical desobturation.


Root canal desobturation