Prime Dental RC Help | Lubricating EDTA Paste

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Prime Dental Rc Help 3gm

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Prime Dental RC Help is a lubricating paste for root canal Biomech. The EDTA paste contains carbamide peroxide which helps increase root canal treatment instrument’s life. The paste has a three-fold advantage in root canal bio-mechanical preparation by the action of lubrication while bio-mechanical preparation, chelation of dentin due to the presence of EDTA and canal cleansing due to presence of Carbamide Peroxide.


Prime Detal

KEY Specifications

EDTA Paste 3g & 20g Syringes
Increases RCT instrument’s life Cleanses canal

Directions To USE

RC HELP can be dispensed by needle in pulpal chamber directly or can be easily picked with instrument to carry in canal

Continue instrumentation with paste in canal

Wash off after completion of Biomech with SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (HAVING MINT AROMA ) or distilled water


Prime Dental Rc Help 3Gm

1 x 3g Syringe
Prime Dental Rc Help 20Gm

1 x 20g Syringe