META MD Chelcream | 19% EDTA Cream

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Removal of inorganic substances by chelation (EDTA-Ca)
Easier filling due its lubricating action
Produces the cleanest canal wall after smear layer removal


Meta Biomed

KEY Specifications


MD-ChelCream 7.0g (5.4ml) x 2
Disposable tips
Net weight : 14g

Directions To USE

1. Deposit a small amount of MD-ChelCream in the canal orifice.
2. Carefully pump into the canal with a fine file or reamer.
3. Re-apply MD-ChelCream when necessary or until cleaning and shaping is complete.

How to use Rotary Ring

If contact with air, as content could be hardened, so it is necessary to cover a cap on the needle after use.
Putting a Syringe into a Rotary Ring is more convenient for use to handle & Use Rotary Ring as a wrench to tighten or loosen a tip.


7G (5.4ML) X 2