MEDICEPT Xtracem-S | Glass Ionomer Silver Reinforced Cement

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Medicept Xtracem-S is an advanced dental restorative material that belongs to the category of silver-reinforced glass ionomer cement. Developed with a focus on enhancing strength, wear resistance, and overall performance, this cement offers a range of exceptional features that make it a popular choice for various dental applications. One of the key features of XtraCem-S is its exceptional strength, achieved through the incorporation of a silver-tin alloy. This unique addition improves the material’s mechanical properties, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding the daily stresses of chewing and biting. As a result, XtraCem-S is an ideal option for dental restorations requiring long-lasting and robust solutions. Dentists and dental professionals appreciate the packable consistency of XtraCem-S, as it allows for easy manipulation and placement during restorative procedures. This user-friendly characteristic streamlines the process, contributing to efficient and precise dental work. In addition to its packability, XtraCem-S demonstrates high wear and erosion resistance. This property ensures that the dental restorations created with this cement maintain their integrity and functionality over extended periods. With XtraCem-S, patients can expect durable restorations that remain effective even in the face of daily wear and tear.




#. Good Radiopacity

#. Easy mixing

#. Shows clearly under x-ray

#. Prevention of secondary caries

#. To reduce surgery time 269MPa


#. Exceptional strength

#. Good Radiopacity

#. Packable consistency

#. High level of sustained fluoride release

#. High wear and erosion resistance

#. Easy mixing

#. Long lasting restorations

#. Shows clearly under x-ray

#. For ease of handling

#. Prevention of secondary caries

#. Durable restorations

#. To reduce surgery time


#. 1 X 15G Powder

#. 1 X 10ML Liquid