Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Silver Reinforced Cement

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Xtracem S Medicept Dental’s silver reinforced glass ionomer improves upon the already strong aesthetic material and adds a silver tin alloy to better both strength and wear properties. The addition of this alloy also imparts an optimal level of radiopacity ensuring the material appears on future patient x-rays.Features:
Exceptional strength
Good Radiopacity
Packable consistency
High level of sustained fluoride release
High wear and erosion resistance
Easy mixing
Long lasting restorations
Shows clearly under x-ray
For ease of handling
Prevention of secondary caries
Durable restorations
To reduce surgery time

Class V cavities (particularly erosion lesions)
Class III cavities
Class I and II cavities in deciduous teeth
Class I and II cavities in selected permanent teeth
Repair of amalgam restorations when either tooth or restoration has failed
Lining under amalgam and posterior composite restorations
Core build ups under crowns
Repairs to crown margins
Long term temporary replacement for cusp(s)
ART Technique




15g Powder / 10 ml Liquid