KULZER Topaz One Shade Resin Based Restorative Composite Kit | Composite Kit

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Kulzer is a reliable partner to dental professionals. Our mission is to provide products and services that help our customers restore patients’ oral health in a safe and more convenient way. In doing so, we strive to exceed your expectations and to continuously improve our products. Charisma Topaz as the successor of Charisma Opal was developed in close cooperation with practioners and opinion leaders worldwide incorporating the most successful features of Charisma composites in one product: easy handling, up-to-date physical properties and versatility in layering.




#. The soft, yet stable and non-sticky consistency of Charisma Topaz improves the efficiency during modelling.

#. The extended working time allows for easy, stress-free modelling in any indication.

#. The filler system with nano particles facilitates polishing to a high, long-lasting gloss.


2 X 4GM Syringe and Bond