Prime Dental TMP-RS 40GM JAR | Temporary Filling Material

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Prime Dental TMP-RS 40gm Jar provides a dependable solution for temporary restorative procedures. This self-curing material, activated by humidity, ensures secure and stable fillings. With easy removal facilitated by probes and excavators, TMP-RS offers convenience and efficiency in dental applications. Available in two hardness variants, it caters to diverse needs. Its smart packaging, featuring dual airtight seals, safeguards against moisture, maintaining material integrity. Designed for effortless placement, TMP-RS initiates hardening within minutes, allowing for precise cavity filling. Recommended for temporary cavity filling, it offers relief while awaiting permanent restorations. Stored away from sunlight, TMP-RS maintains efficacy throughout its shelf-life, ensuring consistent performance. Prime Dental TMP-RS 40gm Jar is a trusted choice for dental professionals, combining ease of application, reliable performance, and long-term stability in temporary restorations.


Prime Detal


#. Self-curing under humidity

#. Easily removable with probe & excavator

#. Two hardness variants available

#. Smart packaging with dual seals

#. Convenient application for cavity filling

KEY Specifications

Proven filling material Two air tight seals provided
Easy to place and remove

Directions To USE

Use an instrument to fill the required quantity into the wet cavity. The hardening process starts after a few minutes. Avoid any exposure to chewing pressure for about 2 hours after application.
Deep cavities need not be filled completely. If the material is used to close up a drug, pressure free application is recommended.
Due to sensitivity to moisture, close the jar immediately after removing the material, since otherwise the viscosity of the material increases (due to the entry of moisture), and the material may no longer be usable.


1 x 40GM Jar