IVOCLAR SR Triplex Hot Pink V-Standard Kit

Heat Cure Denture Base Material

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Ivoclar SR Triplex Hot Pink V-Standard Kit
SR Triplex Hot ensures accuracy of fit and stability of shape and shade for conventional and implant supported dentures.
SR Triplex Hot is a heat-curing, PMMA-based denture base material for the condensing technique. It offers you ease of handling and your patients comfort of fit. Additionally, a veined version of the material is available



KEY Specifications

WORKING TIME: As soon as the material has matured sufficiently and is no longer sticky, it can be worked for approx. 20 minutes at 23 °C / 73 °F. Dough time and working time depend on the room temperature.

Directions To USE

Application procedure Isolate boiled-out, well-wetted plaster surfaces with two layers of Ivoclar Vivadent Separating Fluid and allow to dry To ensure an adequate bond with the denture base, roughen the teeth thoroughly and wet them with monomer DOSAGE: Ideal mixing ratio for one denture: 23.4 g polymer (powder) : 10 ml monomer (liquid) With dosage system 1 denture Polymer: 2nd graduation on measuring cylinder Monomer: 10 ml 2 dentures Polymer: 3rd graduation on measuring cylinder Monomer: 20 ml MIXING: Thoroughly mix polymer and monomer in the given ratio with a spatula. Leave to mature in the closed mixing cup at room temperature (23 °C / 73 °F) for approx. 10 minutes Polymerization Heat-polymerization can be carried out in two ways: Standard procedure (recommended method) Place closed flask in cold water, heat up to 100 °C / 212 °F and let boil for 45 minutes Alternative procedure Place flask in boiling water. Bring the water to the boil again and then let boil for 20 minutes. The alternative procedure is suitable only for small to medium-sized dentures. Layer thicknesses must not exceed 1 cm. The residual monomer content can be reduced by increasing the polymerization temperature and extending the polymerization time. We recommend using the standard procedure to keep residual monomer at minimum levels. If the standard procedure is used, the residual monomer content is < 2.2% Cooling Let the flask cool at room temperature for 30 minutes. Subsequently, completely cool the flask with cold water Deflasking and finishing Open the completely cooled flask and remove plaster. Check occlusion of the denture. Subsequently, finish and polish in the usual manner


1 x 1 kg bag of polymer 1 x 500 ml monomer 1 x polymer measuring cylinder 1 monomer