ORIKAM Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material Kit | Impression Material

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Neopure C-Silicone is a range of Rubber Based condensation Impression Material. High viscosity condensation polysiloxare (base) is recommended for the two-phase technique (double step impression) in combination with Neopure C-Silicone Light Body.




#. Good Flowability And Rigidity

#. Good Visibility- The Color Contrast Of The Putty & Light Body Ensures Better Impression Interpretation

#. High Impression Accuracy And Precision

#. High Tear Strength- Minimizes The Risk Of The Impression Tearing While Removing From The Patient’s Mouth

#. Balance Between The Working And Setting Time

#. Biocompatible- Allows To Use Safely On Patients With Damaged Mucosa

#. High Dimensional Stability Even After Disinfection

#. Good Final Hardness- Ensures Accurate Model

#. Pleasant Taste- Mint Flavor & Odor


#. Fixed and removable prostheses

#. Crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays

#. Complete dentures


Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material Kit :

1. Putty - 1500GM

2. Catalyst - 70GM

3. Light Body Tube - 140GM