Prime Dental Bite Registration Putty

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Prime Dental Bite Registration Putty

Prime Dental’s Ad Sil Acura Bite Registration Putty is a cutting-edge, fast-setting polyvinyl addition silicone impression material designed for precise bite registrations in dental procedures. Known for its rapid setting time, this putty ensures efficient and accurate impressions, allowing for swift and reliable bite registration.With high final hardness, Ad Sil Acura Bite Registration Putty guarantees stability and durability in the bite registration process. The material’s advanced formulation provides dental professionals with a reliable tool for capturing intricate details, contributing to the overall success of restorative and prosthetic dental work.This bite registration putty is a testament to Prime Dental’s commitment to delivering high-quality dental materials that meet the demanding standards of modern dental practice.


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#. Fast-Setting Formula: Ad Sil Acura Bite Registration Putty features a rapid-setting polyvinyl addition silicone impression material, ensuring quick and efficient bite registration procedures.

#. High Final Hardness: The putty delivers a high final hardness, contributing to the accuracy and stability of the bite registration for precise dental impressions.

#. Easy Mixing: With a simple equal quantity mix of base and catalyst, the putty is easy to prepare, allowing for a hassle-free and convenient application in dental practices.

#. Color Indication: The material undergoes a color change, turning orange at the end of mixing, providing a visual cue to ensure proper amalgamation before application.

#. Effective Disinfection: The putty can be rinsed under running water, and if needed, disinfectants can be applied for optimal hygiene and safety.

#. Stability in Centric Occlusion: Designed for bite registration, the putty sets effectively in centric occlusion, capturing accurate impressions of the occlusal surfaces of teeth rows.

#. Appropriate Setting Time: Refer to the provided table for setting time details, allowing practitioners to manage workflow efficiently.

#. Shore A - 87: Exhibits a final hardness of Shore A - 87, ensuring stability and accuracy in recording occlusal relationships.

#. Easy-to-Use: The user-friendly nature of the putty simplifies the process, making it accessible for dental professionals.

#. Can be Used for Indexing: Suitable for indexing purposes, allowing for versatile applications in dental procedures.

#. No Wastage Compared to Bite Registration in Cartridge Form: Offers an efficient solution with minimal wastage, especially when compared to traditional bite registration in cartridge form.


#. 1 X 100mm Base

#. 1 X 100ml Catalyst

#. 2 X Scoop