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GC Reline Soft Cartridge 48ML

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GC Reline Primer R 13ML

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GC Reline Soft Introductory Kit

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GC Reline Soft: A-Silicone for long lasting relining of dentures, especially in cases where supportive tissue material is missing. GC Reline Extra Soft: Tissue toning material based on A-silicone to overcome pressure point problems frequently seen with edentulous patients.




No temperature increase and no smell


Long lasting elasticity, dimensionally stable


Relining of dentures in case of thin sensitive mucosa and resorbed ridges
Relining of dentures in case of sharp and bony ridges
Relining of dentures in case of bony undercuts (with difficulties involving insertion or removal of the denture)
Implants cases.

Directions To USE

1. Check and adjust the resin denture in normal manner
2. Relieve the area of the denture to be relined
3. Clean the denture with detergent and water and dry thoroughly. Apply GC RELINE™ PRIMER R (resin primer) to the bonding surface with a clean, dry brush and gently dry with clean, dry oil-free air. Do not contaminate the surface with latex gloves, etc. Note: Do not contaminate the bottle of PRIMER R with moisture. Otherwise the primer liquid may turn cloudy. Replace the cap immediately after use
4. Dispense GC RELINE™ Soft or Extra Soft material directly onto the denture. The working time is 2 minutes at room temperature 23°C (73.4°F)
5. Seat the denture in the mouth. Ask the patient to close gently into centric occlusion and then perform muscle trimming
6. Retain in situ for at least 5 minutes and remove the denture from the mouth
7. Using a sharp knife, remove excess material on the edge of the GC RELINE™ Soft or Extra Soft. Using light pressure, progressively trim with the GC RELINE™ POINT FOR TRIMMING using a speed of less than 20,000 RPM, and finish with the GC RELINE™ WHEEL FOR FINISHING using a speed of less than 6,000 RPM. Before use, the wheel must be set on a mandrel with a fixation cap
8. If considered necessary to achieve an even smoother finish, follow the procedure hereunder
a) Apply PRIMER R to the peripheral borders and margins of the denture to bond GC RELINE™ MODIFIER. Do not apply the primer to the GC RELINE™ Soft or Extra Soft material. Gently dry the PRIMER R (as in 3 above)
b) Dispense equal amounts of MODIFIER A and B onto the mixing pad. Mix with the plastic spatula and apply the mixture to the edges of the previously placed GC RELINE™ material and the denture with the sponge. The working time is 2 minutes and the setting time is 4 minutes at room temperature 23°C(73.4°F). If it is necessary to fit check the relined denture, use a uncured fit checking material.
1. Proceed according to Steps No.1-4 for Direct Relining Method
2. Mount the denture on the gypsum model and press it on an articulator
3. Remove the denture from the model after about 30 minutes
4. If required, proceed according to Steps No.7- 8 for Direct Relining Method
1. Advise the patient to clean the relined denture under running water, with a soft brush and soap at least once daily
2. Within 3 months of applying GC RELINE™ Soft or Extra Soft material, check the denture for any accumulation of calculus and also the condition of oral tissue. If necessary, relieve the denture of high spots and apply additional material to the relieved area
3. If an additional layer is required to be applied to an existing relining, relieve the original relined area with the GC RELINE™ POINT FOR TRIMMING and apply material within 3 months of an original application
4. To replace an existing relined material, follow this procedure
a) Trim and remove as much of the relined material as possible with a sharp knife
b) Take a lab carbide bur such as (ISO)500 104 260 175 060 or 500 104 194 215 045 and remove the remaining material. At the same time, relieve the fit surface of the denture to provide a completely clean surface. Then follow Steps No.3-8 in the instructions above.


Gc Reline Soft Introductory Kit:
1 x 62g (48ml) Cartridge of reline material
Six Type 2L mixing tips
1 x 13ml bottle of Primer R Resin Prime
1 x 1:1 Reline Modifier Pack (with mixing pad and sponge kit)
1 x Silicone finishing point
1 x Mixing spatula
1 x Scoop
1 x Primer brush