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GC Fuji Plus Powder & Liquid

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GC Fuji Plus 1-1 Pkg With Conditioner

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GC Fuji Plus 15G Powder

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GC Fuji Plus 8G Liquid

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GC Fuji Plus Capsules, Box Of 50

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GC Fuji Plus Conditioner 6.5ML

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GC Fuji Plus Ewt 15G Powder

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The outstanding performance, due to the combination of resin and glass ionomer, makes GC Fuji Plus a multi-purpose cement that can be used for all modern luting procedures.
Fuji PLUS is a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement that has consistently delivered stress-free cementation for routine crown and bridge restorations. It provides the highest level of confidence through exceptional longterm clinical results. 1 This is the reason why thousands of dentists all over the world have made Fuji PLUS their number 1 luting cement.



BenefitsRadiopacity facilitates diagnosis Continued high fluoride release Option to use Fuji Plus EWT which has extended working time for luting long span bridge work, combination work and luting of several restorations in one step
FeaturesIntrinsic adhesion to tooth structure eliminates complex and moisture sensitive bonding procedures Good adhesion to metal, resin and silanated porcelain Radiopacity facilitates diagnosis A perfect consistency: Fuji PLUS features finely ground glass fillers which help to create an exceptionally smooth and creamy mix of cement. The resulting flow characteristics and a low 10 micron film thickness mean Fuji PLUS offers smooth seating for all your crown, bridge and post/core restorations. Snap set Excess remova

Cementation of all types of metal, porcelain fused to metal and resin crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges Cementation of porcelain inlays Cementation of all types of core material including prefabricated pins, posts and cast posts Cementable reinforced all-ceramic crowns and bridges (eg. Procera)


Gc Fuji Plus Powder/Liquid 1 x 15G Powder 1 x 8G Liquid Gc Fuji Plus 15G Powder 1 x 15G Powder Gc Fuji Plus 8G Liquid 1 x 8G Liquid Gc Fuji Plus Capsules, Box Of 50 1 x 50 Capsules Gc Fuji Plus Conditioner 6.5Ml 1 x 6.5Ml Conditioner Gc Fuji Plus Ewt 15G Powder 1 x 15g powder