GC Fuji 7

Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Protection Material

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GC Fuji 7 (Powder & Liquid) – Pink

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GC Fuji 7 (Powder & Liquid) – White

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GC Fuji VII is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant. It is fantastic at keeping young patients’ teeth cavity-free. There is no isolation or bonding agent required. It works in a moist field. With this product, you’ll never have to worry about sealing over immature enamel or non-cavitated lesions. The self-bonding, high fluoride releasing GC Fuji VII creates a strong, acid-resistant fused layer.

Seals and protects tooth enamel
Six times more fluoride than any other sealant
Releases fluoride for up to 24 months to help prevent decay from acid and bacteria
Fuji VII White is for fully erupted teeth; Fuji VII Pink offers a visual indicator that is ideal for newly erupted molars



FeaturesEffective glass ionomer protection Self-bonding ion exchange and high fluoride release create a strong, acid-resistant, chemically fused layer that will continue to offer protection to the occlusal surface for up to 24 months Etching, bonding agents, or tooth isolation is not required Strong, lasting bond to tooth structure Moisture-friendly; perfect for sealing and protecting newly erupted molars or endodontically treated preparations The tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion improves the sealant staying power, which helps maintain marginal integrity (when used as a restorative) Fewer steps; self-bonding can seal in less than half the time of a resin Long term fluoride release Has the highest fluoride release of any glass ionomer or resin Is six times more than any of the latest glass ionomers Provides patients with up to 24 months of fluoride protection every application More than just a sealant barrier, the advanced fluoride protection offers your patient protection from secondary caries Prevents non-carious lesions from progressing to caries Improves the likelihood of remineralization and strengthens the enamel Prevents further erosion in rampant caries cases Fluoride release can be recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice

Occlusal surface protection of erupting molars Fissure protection Root surface protection Hypersensitivity prevention and control Caries stabilization and internal remineralization of active lesions Intermediate endodontic sealing Temporary restorative Restoration of micro cavities

KEY Specifications

GC Fuji 7 Powder & Liquid Mixing Time (sec) 20-25” Working Time (from start of mix) 1’40” (Pink Scoop), 2’10” (Yellow Scoop) GC Fuji 7 Capsule Mixing Time (sec) 10” Working Time (from start of mix) 1’40” *Mixing conditions at 23°C. Higher temperatures will shorten working time.

Directions To USE

After conditioning the tooth surface with GC Dentin Conditioner (10% polyacrylic acid), a thin film of the mixed Fuji 7 is applied over the tooth surface that needs protection. After placement, when the material starts to lose the glossy appearance, moisture protect with GC Cocoa Butter or GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC.


1 x 15g Powder 1 x 10g Liquid