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Glass Fibre Reinforcement

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GC EverStick NET 1 X 30CM Refill

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GC EverStick ORTHO 2 X 12CM Refill

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GC EverStick Perio 1 x 8CM Refill

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GC EverStick Perio 2 X 12CM Refill

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EverStickPERIO: They are pre-impregnated uni-directional glass fibres for minimal invasive and reliable splintings. With optimal handling properties and aesthetics, they offer a dynamic and cost effective alternative for stabilizing and replacing teeth GC everStickORTHO: It is indicated for the aesthetic retention phase after active orthodontic treatment. The matrix holds the individual glass fibres in bundle which facilitates easy handling and adaptation to the arch. GC EverStickNET: With this extremely thin and aesthetic bi-directional fibre mesh everStickNET is the optimal choice for labial splints in trauma cases. This pre-impregnated glass fibre splint offers a minimal invasive solution with reliable bonding, optimised handling properties and aesthetics.




Excellent micromechanical and chemical bonding to composites thanks to patented IPN structure


Comfortable for the patient because it can be designed to be self-cleansing and to not interfere with masticatory function


Surface retained bridgesInlay and onlay bridges
Hybrid bridges
Full cover crown bridges
Implant-supported bridges
Temporary bridges
Immediate bridges


GC everStick C&B
ø1.5mm (4000 fibres)
2 x Refill 12cm
1 x Refill 8cm