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Light-curing impression tray material

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DMG Supertec Trays – Upper

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DMG Supertec Trays – Lower

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Supertec is a light-curing impression tray material used for the production of customized impression trays.

Wherever customized impression trays are needed for partial or full dentures, Supertec is the right choice.
The prefabricated light-curing base plates are easy to form, adapt, and trim. Under normal laboratory light conditions Supertec can be processes for a long time and impresses with its uniform plate thickness.

The finished tray can be used immediately without requiring lengthy post-polymerization. The material’s modulus of elasticity provides excellent dimensional stability maintaining the tray’s original form in the galvanization process.
In addition, Supertec is resistant to disinfecting agents. And another pleasant plus: Supertec is odorless.

Supertec: prefabricated plates can easily be formed and trimmed.

Individual jaw tray with Supertec: the basis for precise impressions.
Production of customized impression trays for precision impression taking in the field of partial and full dentures, as well as implantology


Glass filler and pyrogenic silicic acid in an UDMA-based matrix of dental resins


Easy to fabricate



FeaturesEasy to form, adapt and trim Long working time Odorless Surplus material can be re-used Curing with standard laboratory light-units with UV- and/or halogen light (at least 240 to 520 nm) Even thickness
KEY Specifications

TECHNICAL DATA: Transverse strength : > 60 MPa Transverse modulus : > 4000 MPa STORAGE& SHELF LIFE: Store at room temperature (15 to 25 °C/59 to 77 °F)! ▸ Protect against exposure to direct sunlight! ▸ Do not use after the expiration date. SIDE EFFECTS: Do not apply the material in cases of allergies to any of the components or in the event of contact allergies.

Directions To USE

Recommended use 1. Block out undercuts on the model with a suitable material, e.g. silicone impression material 2. Mark the tray’s edge with a pencil and make a place-marker out of modeling wax. Note: Exposed gypsum parts should be treated with an alginate insulation. DMG recommends that the gypsum surfaces are irrigated 3. Remove protective cover from the prefabricated tray and adapt the tray to the model 4. Remove excess tray material along the pencil line with a modeling knife 5. Form a tray grip from the excess tray material and attach it to the model. 6. If necessary, smooth material junctions with petroleum jelly 7. Cure the impression tray on the model for approx. 3 minutes with a suitable light unit, e.g. Kulzer® XS* (UVA-VIS blended light/stroboscope). Note: During curing it is possible to apply a light-curing varnish e.g. Dry Coat to the surface of the impression tray so that it is cured at the same time as the tray material. This creates a dry, shiny surface 8. If the impression tray is not treated with light-curing varnish, remove the dispersion layer with alcohol or acetone. If light-curing varnish is used this is not necessary 9. Let the place holder wax boil out 10. Remove the impression tray from the model and cure the underside for approx. 3 minutes with a suitable light source e.g. Kulzer® XS* (UVA-VIS mixed light/ stroboscope). Note: During curing it is possible to apply a light-curing varnish e.g. Dry Coat to the surface of the impression tray so that it is cured at the same time as the tray material. This creates a dry, shiny surface. Note: The impression tray can be subsequently treated with corundum stones or fine carbide-fine cross-cut carbide burs. Wear suitable breathing protection when performing machining.


DMG Supertec Trays - Upper: 50 trays upper jaw DMG Supertec Trays - Lower 50 trays lower jaw


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