AXIMACK AXO Polis Vanilla Flavour | Abrasive Paste Used For Polishing And Fluoridation After Scaling

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#. AXO | POLIS Is An Abrasive Paste Used For Polishing And Fluoridation After Scaling.

#. It’s Mechanical Action Produces A Smooth Surface Without Eroding The Dental Enamel. It Is Also Used For Polishing Fillings And Removal Of Tobacco & Food Stains.

#. It Is Is Vanilla Flavored That Produces A Fresh, Pleasant Tingling Sensation And Relieves The Irritation Caused By Mechanical Action Of The Scaling.

#. Polishing After Scaling

#. Removal Of Dental Tartar

#. Oil Free Formulation

#. Fluoride Release Formula

#. Splatter Free Paste

#. Excellent Stain Removal And Polishing



KEY Specifications


AXO | POLIS is available as ready –to use paste designed for dental scaling and polishing.
AXO | POLIS is pink paste, with a pleasant has mechanical abrasive action due to the presence of silica, which makes it possible to complete the removal of dental tartar, after using an ultrasonic or hand scaler, without causing erosion of dental enamel.

AXO | POLIS contains zirconium particles. These particles look like flat scrapers, the sides of which are separated by a very hard edge. When this paste is rubbed against a rough surface, the particle edges shave the bumps off.
The essential oils incorporated into AXO | POLIS give a feeling of freshness, which is very much appreciated by the patients. In addition, they have a slight balsamic effect: they relieve the irritation that mechanical scaling cause on sensitive gums.

-Finishing of scaled surfaces, -Removal of food and tobacco stains, -Fine polishing of fillings.

Take the required amount of paste with a spatula and place it onto a polishing wheel. Note: Mouth rinsing can be performed during or at the end of scaling.

40 g jar
For professional dental use only


50 GRM X 1 JAR - Vanilla Flavour