3M ESPE Astringent Retraction Paste Capsule | Gingival Retraction Material

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3M ESPE Retraction Capsule delivers a retraction paste that contains 15% aluminum chloride. The astringent retraction paste is placed directly into the sulcus via a patented, easy-to-use, hygienic unit-dose capsule. The capsules are compatible with most composite dispensers.




#. Viscosity:Heavy Body

#. The extra fine tip fits directly into the sulcus.

#. Enables a clean, dry sulcus and robust hemostasis.

#. Hygienic unit-dose capsule.

#. Versus dental retraction cords:

#. Convenient and time-saving retraction process: Up to 50% faster.

#. Lower risk of hemorrhage.

#. Gentle on tissue for improved patient comfort.

#. Versus competing pastes:

#. Easy access into the sulcus.

#. Better interproximal access due to capsule’s extra-fine tip.

#. Compatible with most composite dispensers.


1. 3M™ Retraction Capsule is indicated for the temporary tissue retraction of the marginal gingiva to provide a dry sulcus when the periodontium is healthy, such as:

#. Taking impressions (material-based or digital)
#. Preparation of temporary casts
#. Preparation of Class II and V fillings

2. Retracts tissue gently

#. A great impression—even a digital impression—starts with controlling tissue and moisture. Our capsule’s extra-fine tip delivers hemostatic paste right into the sulcus to gently retract tissue and control bleeding.

3. Save time

#. Unlike gingival retraction cords that can be difficult and time-consuming to place, the 3M retraction capsule is a fast, convenient and effective solution for gingival retraction. With its extra-fine tip, the 3M retraction capsule delivers a 15% aluminum chloride astringent paste right into the sulcus, pushing the gingival tissue away from the tooth and allowing you to capture a detailed impression of the preparation margin.

KEY Specifications


#. The product must not be used in patients suffering from a diseased periodontium, open furcations or exposed bone.


#. For how long can the paste be left in the sulcus?

1. Typically, the paste should be left in the sulcus for a minimum of 2 minutes to achieve good retraction results. If a hemostatic device is applied too long it may exert unwanted negative effects on the tissue health. Therefore, the hemostatic retraction paste must be rinsed off completely.

#. How long can one store the capsule outside of the blister?

1. The capsule must be taken out of the blister immediately prior to application. It should not be stored outside the blister.

#. How many teeth can be treated with one capsule?

1. The content of one unit-dose capsule is sufficient to treat up to 3 teeth. The capsules are for single use and must not be used on more than one patient.

#. What is the orientation ring for?

1. The orientation ring corresponds in size and position to the perio probe. It is a feature for more precise and easy intraoral handling.

#. Why is there a lower risk of bleeding/post-hemorrhage than with cords?

1. Cords consist of small fibers that may be incorporated in the coagulum. When the cord is removed, the wound might be opened again. The paste is washed off by air-water spray and suction, resulting in a clean and dry sulcus area.

#. How can one judge if the retraction effect is sufficient?

1. The preparation margin should be clearly visible in the impression. The amount of excessive impression material (“flash”) that covers sulcular areas below the preparation margin is not important.

Directions To USE


1) Remove a retraction capsule from the blister and insert into dispenser (fits into most composite dispensers). Extrude a small amount of paste and discard.

2) Insert retraction capsule tip into the sulcus.

3) Slowly and steadily, inject astringent retraction paste into sulcus. Completely fill the sulcus.

4) OPTIONAL: PROCEDURE WITH CORDS. For more gingival deflection, the astringent retraction paste can be used in combination with retraction cords.

5) Leave astringent retraction paste on for a minimum of 2 minutes.

6) Completely remove astringent retraction paste with air-water spray and suction.


25 X 7.5G Capsules