VOCO Ufi Gel Hard

Denture Relining Material


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VOCO Ufi Gel Hard Handmix Set

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Ufi Gel Hard and Ufi Gel Hard C

Ufi Gel Hard C – Direct hard relining material perfectly mixed from the cartridge for simple, time-saving and bubble-free application

Ufi Gel Hard is the Handmix version of Ufi Gel Hard C


Hard permanent relining
Direct and indirect relining
Total or partial relining
Ambulant relining
Lengthening of denture rims
Repair and enlargement of dentures
Correction of new dentures




Only one appointment required
Neutral taste and odour
No heat development in the mouth
Good color stability
As easy as taking an impression
Lower costs for your clinic
Aesthetic, high patient acceptance and comfort
Smooth surface
New layers can be added at any time

Directions To USE

Application of Ufi Gel hard

Apply the material evenly onto the prepared margin and/or base of the denture with a plastic spatula.
Prevent build-up of excess material, remove with a suitable instrument if necessary.
Re-insert denture and have the patient exert slight pressure in terminal occlusion for 1 min.
Then carry out functional, chewing and swallowing movements for 2 min.
Ensure that no material flows into the throat when relining an upper denture, especially at the transition from hard to soft palate (A-line).
Partial and total denture with undercuts

Remove denture 5 min after commencement of mixing and remove excess material immediately with scissors or a scalpel.
Insert again into the mouth for a final occlusion check and allow to cure for about 2 - 3 min.
Instead of re-inserting the denture, curing can also be completed in warm water, e.g. in a pressure pot at approx. 40 °C.
Do not let the material cure in contact with air since atmospheric oxygen will cause an uncured inhibition layer on the surface.
Total dentures without undercuts

Excess material can be removed intra- or extraorally before final polymerisation.
Intraorally: remove excess material after 5 min (from beginning of mixing) with a suitable instrument.
Let the denture cure for further 2 - 3 min in the mouth until Ufi Gel hard is completely cured.


Handmix Set:

1 x Powder 60 g
1 x liquid 40 ml
1 x Conditioner 20ml