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KOOLINER is a hard, chairside reliner that has been formulated for reduced exothermic heat. This product can completely self-cure in the patients mouth in approximately 10 minutes.



BenefitsCan be used to extend denture borders and posterior palatal seal
FeaturesDense, stable and color-fast Easy to finish and polish
Directions To USE

Step 1. Preparation of the denture: Relieve and roughen the area of the denture to be relined. Clean and dry the denture thoroughly. Coat labial and buccal surfaces of the denture with COE LUBRICANT. Do not apply coating within 3mm (1/8 inch) of the peripheral border. If the denture has plastic teeth also protect them with COE LUBRICANT. Step 2. Preparation of KOOLINER: Recommended powder/liquid ratio is 15ml powder to 6ml liquid. Pour liquid into the mixing cup and then add the powder slowly. Stir thoroughly for no more than 30 seconds and avoid the introduction of air bubbles. Step 3. Application. After approximately 1-2 minutes spread the mixture of KOOLINER over the area to be relined. Seat the denture in the manner of taking an impression and instruct the patient to close lightly into occlusion. After 3 minutes instruct the patient to move lips and cheeks so that a muscle trimmed periphery is obtained. Remove the denture and rinse under cold water. Trim away excess material. Re-seat the denture and instruct the patient to close FIRMLY into occlusion, and to hold this position for 5 minutes. Remove the denture and rinse again in cold water. Step 4. Finishing. Peak curing temperature: Approximately 43°C/110°F at 7 minutes when tested according to ADA/ANSI specification number 17. In thicker applications, peak temperature may exceed that stated above, possibly producing a hazardous condition in the mouth during curing. When curing is complete (10 minutes), trim away excess. For smoothing the edges use a hot spatula.


1 x 80g Powder 1 x 55ml Liquid Lubricant Accessories