GC Aroma Fine Plus Alginate 500G

Impression Material

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Aroma Fine Plus by GC is a dust free alginate impression material used to make preliminary dental impressions. The impressions made can be used to fabricate models for inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, orthodontic models and study models. The normal setting time of the alginate is adequate to make perfect dental impressions. The powder and water are easily incorporated to allow easy mixing of the impression material. The mixture so formed is smooth without air bubbles. By using GC Aroma Fine Plus dentists are able to make precision impressions with high detail reproduction. The spearmint flavour of the material makes it a much more pleasant experience for the patients. The impressions are compatible with a wide range of gypsum products for making good quality models with great reproduction of detail.



FeaturesAdvanced formulation Easy and rapid powder incorporation into water within just 3 seconds Dust free formulation allowing fast and vigorous mixing for a smooth mixture without bubbles Does not leak down the patient's throat during impression taking Under pressure the alginate flows into the narrowest spaces for highest detail reproduction Compatible with a wide range of type IV stones for a better detail reproduction Smooth model surfacePrecision alginate impression material Spearmint flavour Easy powder water incorporation Dust free formulation Smooth mixture without bubbles High detail reproduction Compatible with a wide range of gypsum products

GC Aroma Plus Alginate is indicated in making preliminary impressions for the fabrication of: Models for temporary inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges Orthodontic models Study models

KEY Specifications

Setting time: Regular Set (pink) - 120 sec


1 x 500G Aroma Fine Plus Normal Set