VOCO Twinky Star

Coloured Light Cure Compomer

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VOCO Twinky Star Refill Caps 25 X 0.25G

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VOCO Twinky Star – Set Caps 40 X 0.25G

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VOCO Twinky Star Flow Syringe 2G

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Twinky Star :

Coloured light-curing compomer with glitter effect. Also, available as flowable.


Restoration of deciduous teeth
Available Colours: Pink, Blue



FeaturesEight attractive colours with glitter effect Easy and quick application from Caps Outstanding polishability Based on the proven VOCO compomer technology Shade guide with original material Parents can more easily motivate children to see the dentist Children overcome their anxiety Target group marketing tools available.
KEY Specifications

Store at temperatures between 4 °C - 23 °C. To avoid exposure to light and potentially resulting polymerisation, syringes should be closed immediately after dispensing.

Directions To USE

Application of Twinky Star Flow: Lock the enclosed application cannula on the syringe with a clockwise turn and directly apply Twinky Star Flow. For fillings with a thickness of over 2 mm, apply and cure in layers. In order to ensure the functionality of the non-dripping syringe do not pull back the plunger during or after use


Twinky Star Refill Caps 25 x 0.25g: 25 x 0.25g Refill Caps Twinky Star - Set Caps 40 x 0.25g: 40 x 0.25g Refill Caps Shade Guide Twinky Star Flow Syringe 2g: 1 x 2g Flow Syringe


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