VOCO Clean Joy Tube & Singledose

Tooth cleaning and polishing paste

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VOCO Clean Joy Tube 100g Fine – Green

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VOCO Clean Joy Tube 100g medium – Yellow

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VOCO Clean Joy Tube 100g Coarse – Red

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VOCO Clean Joy Single Dose 200 x 2g

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VOCO Clean Joy Single Dose 200 x 2g

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VOCO Clean Joy Single Dose 200 x 2g

not available Rs.6,500.00 Rs.7,999.00


Fluoride-containing tooth cleaning and polishing paste.


Removal of soft and hard surface plaque
Removal of extrinsic discolouration (e.g. staining from coffee, tea or tobacco)
Polishing of tooth surfaces as part of professional tooth cleaning, prior to whitening or following the removal of orthodontic devices
Cleaning and polishing of restorations as part of professional tooth cleaning
Removal of residues of temporary luting material prior to definitive bonding (cementing)

Advantages of the SingleDose

Easy, quick and hygienic
No additional devices required
No spilling in any position



FeaturesStable, homogeneous consistency No splashing (2,000 – 3,000 r/min) Available in three abrasion grades – can be individually adjusted to each situation Traffic light coding: simple to use without confusion Can be used with any instrument (small brush, cup, etc.) Contains fluoride (700 ppm) Contains xylitol (inhibiting effect on the metabolism of bacteria) The green polishing paste has a very low grade of abrasion and is therefore also suitable for the care of implants
KEY Specifications

Effective cleaning action yet particularly gentle: Basis for the prophylaxis of caries, periodontitis and peri-implantitis, in addition to thorough sound oral hygiene at home, is professional tooth cleaning (PTC) carried out regularly and tailored to individual requirements. CleanJoy was developed to simplify the procedure of tooth cleaning as far as possible and to convey a positive experience to the patient. CleanJoy is VOCO’s new prophylaxis and cleaning paste system, offered in pleasantly light mint flavour. This system enables you to thoroughly yet gently remove hard as well as soft plaque, and staining, from dental hard substance, fillings, implants and prosthetic restorations. The “fine” paste is barely abrasive and therefore also suitable for polishing after using air polishing systems. The final CleanJoy application thus creates noticeably smooth surfaces which inhibit the renewed colonisation by plaque-forming bacteria and the formation of staining. These are perfect preconditions for long-term oral health. Handling and consistency: CleanJoy is characterised by its well-adjusted consistency and homogeneity. The prophylaxis paste is stable and at the same time soft. This means that dosage is exact and the paste does not splash when used, whether working with a small brush or a cup. Homogeneous consistency and stability guarantee good wettability and retention on the surfaces to be treated. Subsequent removal of the paste is also simply done with a water jet. Traffic light coding system – three grain sizes for optimal results CleanJoy is a cleaning system of three coordinated pastes, which also convince when used individually through their effectivity and gentle action on the dental hard substance. Depending on the severity of the plaque and staining, use either the “coarse”, “medium” or “fine” paste. In any case, the fine polishing paste needs to be used in a final polishing step. The respective grade of abrasion is coded in a “traffic light system”

Directions To USE

Remove the tube cap and dispense material onto a mixing pad. CleanJoy can be applied with any commercially available cup or small brush. After use, replace the tube cap. In order to prevent potential heat generation or splashing of the paste, an appropriate rotational speed should be used when working (2000 to 3000 rpm). A final treatment with the polishing paste (green paste) must follow each and every application of a higher grade cleaning paste (red or yellow paste). The polishing paste can also be used following treatment with a powder jet device. After application, rinse the cleaned surfaces thoroughly with water, remove remaining material by means of suction and ask the patient to rinse out his / her mouth thoroughly.


Clean Joy Tube: 1 x 100g Tube CleanJoy - SingleDose 200 x 2g: 200 x 2g SingleDose


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