Dental Fiber Splint | Glass Fiber Resin for quick Prosthesis and Periodontal Splinting

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Dental Fiber Splint Material a cutting-edge dental composite composed of medical-grade Polyethylene and Glass fiber with a unique weave pattern, is a versatile solution in dentistry, serving three crucial purposes: stabilizing loose teeth due to periodontal issues, providing rigid splinting for teeth affected by traumatic injuries, and ensuring fixed retention post-orthodontic treatment, all while maintaining ease of handling, adhering to standard dental protocols, and allowing for effortless removal; its aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness make it a patient-friendly choice, and its extended shelf life, stemming from the absence of active composite components, enhances its reliability, rendering NT StickOn Fiber Splint Material an invaluable tool in modern dentistry, effectively addressing a wide range of clinical requirements, from periodontal stabilization to trauma management and orthodontic maintenance, all underpinned by its innovative composition and ease of use.




#. Periodontal Splinting

#. Spacers and Retention

#. Creation of Endodontic Post & Core

#. Fixing Bridges and Prostheses

#. Reinforcement of Loose Teeth in composite or resin

#. Temporary stabilization of Artificial Teeth

#. Provisional Bridges

Directions To USE

Step 1: Draw the right quantities of In Fibra Ribbon using clear tweezers

Step 2: Maintain asepsis & sterlization

Step 3: In Fibra ribbon can be cut using sharp special nibbers/scissors

Step 4: If infibra used with composites it must be wet in advance with a bonding agent

Step 5: In Fibra used with acrylic resins must be wet with a monomer.


1 Pic Single Fiber Splin - 12MM Long