Septodont Detartrine | Polishing Paste

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Septodont Detartrine is a premium dental polishing paste that plays a vital role in the post-treatment phase of scaling and root planning procedures. This specialized paste is meticulously formulated to provide exceptional polishing effects, resulting in a smooth and glossy finish for dental surfaces. Following the removal of tartar and plaque during scaling and root planning, Detartrine is applied to the teeth to optimize the cleaning process. Its gentle yet effective mechanical abrasive action, facilitated by the presence of silica particles, helps eliminate any residual stains, plaque, or surface irregularities that may remain. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the teeth but also contributes to the overall oral hygiene of patients. One of the remarkable features of Detartrine is its ability to create a pleasant taste and a refreshing sensation, thanks to the incorporation of essential oils. This not only adds to the patient’s comfort during the procedure but also leaves a delightful and invigorating feeling afterward. Dentists highly value the use of Septodont Detartrine due to its reliability and effectiveness in achieving a polished and lustrous dental surface. By utilizing this specialized polishing paste, dental professionals can ensure a meticulous finish, instilling a sense of confidence and satisfaction in their patients.




Mechanical abrasive action due to the presence of silica
Pleasant taste and feeling of freshness thanks to the essential oils


Polishing after scaling and root planning
Polishing of fillings and dental surfaces


1 x 45G Jar