SafeEndo lodoCure | Calcium Hydroxide paste with Iodoform

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Calcium hydroxide with Iodoform is used for stimulating the healing process. This paste is packaged in a convenient syringe to eliminate messy mixing.

The action of calcium hydroxide is achieved through the ionic dissociation of Ca(2+) and OH(-) ions and their effect on vital tissues, the induction of hard-tissue deposition, and the antibacterial properties.

Iodoform has been added to Ca(OH)2 due to its antibacterial effect, healing properties, and ability to be resorbed when in excess .




#. Strong antiseptic properties (contains iodoform)

#. High pH value (12.8),provides fast,continuous and durable bactericidal effect during treatment of infected canals,and in periapical area (99% of bacteria are killed within 48 hours after root canal filling with the paste)

#. Paste is easily removed from canals if necessary

#. Stimulates hard tissues formation in apex

#. Syringe with reinforced plunger,convenient to hold in hand, Luer-Lock cap

#. Ultra-thin dispensing tips (0.52 mm with a hole size 22) allow to apply paste directly into canals


#. Paste has a strong bactericidal effect.

#. Iodoform provides prolonged antimicrobic effect in root canal microflora. When in contact with tissues iodoform undergoes gradual decomposition evolving free iodine.

#. Hydrophobical paste-forming component provides paste’s fluidity and plasticity,
ensures hermetic sealing of root canal, protects soft tissues when inserting paste out of the

#. Calcium containing filler stimulates hard tissues formation at the apex level, provides alkaline (pH 12,8) antimicrobial medium and gradual paste hardening under the influence of in-thecanal moisture.

#. Paste hardens in canal under the influence of in-the-canal moisture within 1-3 months.

#. During hardening and after it the material can be easily removed out of the canal.

#. Being out of apex in soft tissues paste reabsorbs.

#. When filling of milk teeth paste reabsorbs as quickly as tooth resorption is held.

#. Paste can be applied with gutta-percha or polypropylene points.

#. IodoCure does not prevent from formation and developing of dental bud

#. In order to avoid tooth crown coloring do not fill whole pulp cavity with the paste


Paste is used as temporary filling of tooth root canals during staged treatment and as permanent filling of tooth root canals at the final stage of the treatment.


2 X 2gm IodoCure Syringe