Septodont Canal Plus | EDTA Gel

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Septodont Canal + water-soluble gel base is an essential component used in endodontic procedures, specifically designed to ensure optimal root canal preparation. With its remarkable properties and capabilities, it plays a vital role in facilitating successful outcomes. This gel base exhibits exceptional lubrication, enabling smooth and frictionless movement of endodontic instruments within the root canal. It effectively reduces resistance, minimizing the risk of instrument binding or fracture and enhancing overall procedural efficiency. Additionally, the gel base demonstrates remarkable chelating abilities, effectively binding with and removing calcium salts present in the root canal. By doing so, it assists in creating an environment conducive to efficient instrument penetration and preparation. Moreover, the water solubility of the gel base enables easy rinsing and removal from the canal, promoting thorough cleaning and maintaining a hygienic treatment environment.




Lubricating and water-soluble gel.
Clings to instruments and facilitates mechanical preparation.
Makes mechanical reaming easier and faster as EDTA chelates mineral components of dentin.
Optimizes cleaning of the root canal if used in combination with Parcan irrigation solution, thanks to the effervescent properties of carbamide peroxide.


Root canal preparation.
Instruments lubrication.


5G Syringe, 15 X Applicator Tips