SafeEndo Devitalize 8gm Jar | Non-Arsenic Paste For Dental Pulp Devitalization

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SafeEndo Devitalize is a arsenic free devitalizing paste. The active ingredient is Polyoxymethylene, a coagulant which acts on albumin and confers the required fibrous consistency to the pulp to facilitate its subsequent extirpation. Lidocaine Hydrochloride is an anaesthetic to relieve pain and calm irritation.

Arsenic-free Devitalization fibrous paste. Polyoxymethylene is an antiseptic, which coagulates proteins providing necrosis of pulp tissue. Lidocaine hydrochloride is an anesthetic component, reducing pain risk during tooth pulp devitalization. Paste DEVITALIZE provides painless pulp devitalization within 1-5 days.




#. Safe pulp devitalization

#. Prolonged effect

#. Quick pain killing

#. Effective pulp necrosis without arsenic


Pulp devitalization before removal or amputation.


#. 1 X Paste 8gm Jar