SafeEndo CalciCure | Calcium Hydroxide Paste

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SafeEndo CalciCure Calcium hydroxide forms an alkaline medium (pH12.8) which provides long antibacterial effect and results in formation of dental-cement barrier. That creates conditions for growth and formation of tooth root, regeneration of bone and periapical tissues, increases pulp regeneration ability and stimulates formation of secondary dentine.




#. Superior antibacterial effect (pH 12,8) and radioopacity

#. Providing conditions for tooth root growth and formation

#. Paste is easily removed from canals if necessary

#. Syringe with reinforced plunger,convenient to hold in hand,Lure-Lock cap

#. Ultra-thin dispensing tips (0.52 mm with a hole size 22) allow to apply paste directly into canal


#. Premixed Formulation - Saves time and has an easy application.

#. Paste Type Consistency - Provides superior control during application.

#. Water-soluble Paste - Helps in easy cleaning and removal from the canal.

#. Temporary Filling - Temporary root canal filling material between appointments.

#. High Radio Opacity - Helps in radiological examination.


#. Irreversible pulpitis

#. Conservative treatment of all forms of chronic periodontitis

#. Apexification and apexogenesis


#. 2 X SafeEndo CalciCure 2g Syringe

#> Dispensing Tips