Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous Kit

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Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous Kit

The Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous Kit presents a comprehensive and optimal solution for composite restorations. Engineered by Prime Dental Products, this kit offers a versatile and efficient restorative option for dental practitioners. The Restorite Flow Viscous Composite Kit is designed to provide a complete and seamless experience in composite restoration procedures. It encompasses a range of high-quality materials, ensuring precision and adaptability in various clinical scenarios. This kit stands out as a reliable choice, offering a balance of viscosity and flow characteristics, facilitating ease of application, and achieving aesthetic excellence in dental restorations. Its thoughtfully curated components, exemplify Prime Dental’s commitment to delivering advanced solutions for effective and aesthetically pleasing composite restorations.


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#. Versatile Composite Materials: The kit includes versatile composite materials suitable for a wide range of restorative applications.

#. Optimal Viscosity: Balances viscosity and flow characteristics, allowing for easy manipulation and precise placement during restorative procedures.

#. Aesthetic Excellence: Provides a complete solution for composite restorations, contributing to optimal aesthetic outcomes with a natural look.

#. Color Matching Options: Offers a range of shades for color matching, ensuring the restoration seamlessly blends with the natural tooth color.

#. Efficient Dispensing: The composite materials are conveniently dispensed through syringes, facilitating efficient and controlled application.

#. Ease of Sculpting: Allows for easy sculpting and shaping of the composite material to achieve the desired tooth contour and anatomy.

#. Durable and Long-Lasting: Formulated for durability, providing long-lasting restorations that withstand the rigors of daily oral function.

#. Compatible with Finishing Protocols: Enables effective finishing and polishing procedures to achieve a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface.

#. Comprehensive Restorative Solution: The kit offers a comprehensive solution, addressing various aspects of composite restoration procedures for efficient and effective dental care.


#. Fillings in Black's class V (cervical caries, root erosions, v-shaped lesions)

#. Minimally invasive fillings in Black's classes I, II and III

#. Corrections of enamel defects

#. Blocking out undercuts

#. Small corrections of shape and color of the enamel.


#. 4 X 2gm Syringe (A1,A2,A3,B2)

#. 1 X Restorite Bond 7G (5ml)

#. 1 X Restorite Etching Gel (3ml)

#. 1 X Aster Compo 4gm

#. 10 X Microbrushes

#. 20 X Application Needles For Restorite Bulk Fill

#. 5 X Application Needles For Restorite Etching Gel