Prime Dental Restorite Bulk Fill Packable Kit

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Prime Dental Restorite Bulk Fill Kit (Packable)

The Prime Dental Restorite Bulk Fill Kit (Packable) presents a comprehensive solution for efficient and aesthetically pleasing posterior tooth restorations. This advanced kit incorporates the innovative Restorite Bulk Fill, featuring a packable consistency that simplifies the restoration process for dental professionals. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the kit ensures excellent handling characteristics, facilitating easy adaptation and placement in cavities. The material’s reliability and durability contribute to a high standard of care for patients. Tailored for versatile application in posterior restorations, this dental solution enhances procedural efficiency, providing practitioners with a valuable tool to achieve optimal clinical outcomes in restorative dentistry.


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#. 4mm Depth Compatibility: Specifically designed to accommodate a 4mm depth, providing versatility for various dental restorative applications requiring specific depth requirements.

#. Precision Placement: The restorative material ensures precision placement, allowing dental practitioners to accurately fill and shape cavities with a consistent 4mm depth.

#. Enhanced Bonding Properties: Formulated with enhanced bonding properties, promoting a strong and durable connection with the tooth structure at the 4mm depth for reliable restorations.

#. Optimal Curing Characteristics: The material exhibits optimal curing characteristics, ensuring efficient and thorough polymerization within the 4mm depth for a resilient and lasting restoration.

#. Versatile Clinical Applications: Prime Dental Restorite Bulk Fill with a 4mm depth is suitable for a range of clinical applications, providing flexibility and adaptability in various restorative procedures.

#. Radiopaque for Diagnostic Clarity: Featuring radiopaque qualities, the material aids in diagnostic clarity during X-rays, allowing for precise assessment of the restoration at the 4mm depth.

#. Low Shrinkage and Marginal Integrity: Low shrinkage properties contribute to excellent marginal integrity, reducing the risk of gaps and ensuring a well-sealed restoration at the specified 4mm depth.


#. 7 x 4gm Syringe (Universal Shade)

#. 1 x Restorite Bond 7G (5ml)

#. 1 x Restorite Etching Gel (3ml)

#. 1 x Aster Compo 4gm

#. 10 x Microbrushes

#. 5 x Application Needles For Restorite Etching Gel