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The RC Twents from Prime Dental are innovatively designed dental irrigator needles to enhance irrigation in endodontic treatment

The importance of root canal disinfection in endodontic therapy has been stressed for years

The RC Twents irrigation needles are specially designed with two sided vents at the end of the needle.

These vents ensure that the irrigation fluid is not pushed apically durig endo irrigation.

The conventional vents in needles are one sided and this may result in an increase in pressure of irrigation.

The two sided vents reduce the pressure while irrigating the root canal. The vents are located on opposite sides offering more radial wash of the canal.

The front end of the needle is blocked. This prevents apical flow of the irrigation fluid, that might result in apical migration of debris as well.


For irrigation during Root Canal Treatments or minor oral surgeries


Prime Detal


Two sided vents
Front end of needle blocked
Oppositely placed vents ensure radial wash
Reduced pressure while irrigating
Prevents irrigating solution from being pushed apically

KEY Specifications

Two Sided Vents Efficient Irrigation

Directions To USE

Sterilize the needle before use
Load the syringe with irrigating solution
Place the needle inside the root canal and gently eject irrigation fluid

RC Twents should not be used for injection purposes.
Care should be taken to not lock the Twents inside the canal


10 PC RC Twents in One pack