Prevest Calcigel Intro Pack

Radiopaque calcium hydorxide

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Prevest DenPro Calcigel is a premixed water based radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste containing barium sulphate. This calcium hydroxide dental use include pulp capping on vital pulp, direct pulp capping or capping after pulpotomy, cavity lining before permanent filling, as temporary root canal fillings and many more. Calcium hydroxide in endodontics can be used for pulp therapy, as an intra canal medicament and as a root canal sealer. The high pH of the calcium hydroxide paste (pH 12) helps in neutralizing free acids of the obturating cements and restorative materials.


Prevest DenPro

BenefitsReduces hypersenstivity of dentine. Radiopacity for checking treatment. High pH (pH 12) helps neutralize free acids of obturating cements and restorative materials. Syringe for direct application. 45% calcium hydroxide contents helps the neoformation of secondary dentine. Hardens rapidly.

Apexification Apexogenesis, Internal & external root resorption Temporary root canal filling


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