META Metapex Plus | Temporary Root Canal Filling Material

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META Metapex Plus Single Syringes

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META Metapex Plus Double Syringes

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Metapex Plus is a temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity and is an antibacterial, premixed paste composed of Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform.


Meta Biomed


#. Easy cleaning and removal

#. Excellent antibacterial effect and radiopacity

#. Premixed paste in a convenient syringe

#. Excellent accessibility to the root canal and prevention of cross-contamination


#. Easy usage

#. Fast and convenient

#. Calcium Hydroxide
#. Iodoform Silicon Oil


#. Apexification

#. Temporary or permanent root canal treatment

#. Pulpotomies in deciduous teeth

#. Root resorption treatment

KEY Specifications

Shelf Life: Two years from the production date.
Do not fill beyond the apex
Do not use in allergic person

Directions To USE

STEP 1: After preparing root canal, Clean and dry it
STEP 2: Set up a disposable tip in syringe and insert the ring provided for an easy re-direction of the tip
STEP 3: Disinfect the disposable tip with ethanol
STEP 4: Fill the canal completely by pushing the syringe plunger while withdrawing the tip slowly
STEP 5: Clean any excess paste with a sterilized cotton pellet
STEP 6: Remove the used tip, fix a new one and cover up


Metapex Plus Single:
1 x 2.2gm Syringe

Metapex Plus Double:
2 x 2.2GM Disposable tips
1 Ring for direction control of the Tip